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kotor, October 18th, 2010, 6:02 am ( Reply )

- One of my housemates pointed out to me that considering how much I've complained about Sonic 4, I certainly do seem to be playing it a lot. I had to admit that maybe I was a little harsh calling it the worst game I've ever played, so perhaps Sonic Fantasy (for such I have named it) can keep its crown.

I've gotten used to the poor controls on the iPod. My basic complaint now is just that the rules have changed. In this game, as in none before, Sonic can run faster than he can roll down a hill, and the homing attack means that you have to play the game completely differently. Essentially, Sonic Team's accumulated ten years of experience making shoddy 3D games, and decided to bring the shoddiness with it when it returned to this new 2D game - the homing attack is essential for a 3D space but completely unnecessary in 2D - but you can't just ignore it, because they built the game around the concept of jumping from baddie to baddie and spring to spring by use of a double jump.

I think my verdict puts it at a reasonable 7/10 in the end - although it could have made it higher if they hadn't made the special levels so ifuriating.

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i heard it was good yet expensive on the Xbox 360 (15$, Really?!) I used to be a great Sonic fan, but when the 2006 Sonic came out, i gave up.

posted by Greenhat (Guest) on October 20th, 2010, 7:04 pm

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