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kotor, March 26th, 2010, 11:46 am ( Reply )

In Tribute to a Brother - A lot of the more recent Pokemon games haven't really grabbed my interest hugely, to be honest. In all truth, I've played them mostly because my little brother needs someone to pick up the second version - he wanted to play Fire Red, and there was a £10 discount for buying Leaf Green with it at the same time, so I obliged him. He wanted Pokemon Diamond, so I was kind enough to get Pearl so he could trade for all the starters.

This little dynamic took an interesting turn today. Today was the official release date for HeartGold and SoulSilver in England - a date which I was perfectly happy to pass me by; as I have no money, and Pokemon games, while fun to draw as comics, have long since lost their appeal with me.

It was then rather painful when my little brother got home from school, having made a detour to a GAME shop to pick up his copy of HeartGold. He also bought a special carry-case for his DS, and a copy of SoulSilver for me. I received this gift, feeling awfully guilty - the money used to pay for this was the money my brother had got for trading in his PS3 a few months ago.

I have a wonderful, thoughtful brother. This comic is purely plot-progression, and not very funny, but either way, it is dedicated to Timothy.

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